Episode 21


Story by Rubén Ontiveros

Robbie pretends to be ill to avoid an exam, and starts to enjoy the sympathy that everybody shows him despite Flippy's pleas that he stops faking.

Episode 22

Attention Please

Story by Mike Booth
Teleplay by Kerry Torchia

Robbie and Flippy are sent to the Principal for messing around, and become subjects of a new experiment in behaviour-control.

Episode 23

Three Versions

Story by Diego San Jose

Albert appears hanging from the basket with a pineapple. Robbie and Naomi give their versions of what happened to the principal.

Episode 24


Story by Mike Booth
Teleplay by Kerry Torchia

Robbie buys a bottle of pheromone-based aftershave, hoping it will make him popular with girls at a party he's planning to go to; but the scent makes him popular with the local bug population instead.

Episode 25

Flower Power

Story by Mike Booth

Albert eats a flower that gives him super powers, and he uses them to take revenge on the kids who have tormented him throughout his life. But with great power comes great irresponsibility...