Seven misfit kids thrown together by circumstance, tackling the trials and tribulations of tweenhood with a worldy-wise sense of humor. They face conflict from teachers, parents and each other, but this is not a documentary; in their world almost anything is possible, and technology and even magic can provide solutions -- or make things worse.


A fast-paced, witty sitcom filled with visual and verbal jokes and animated action, with a sarcastic and irreverentbstyle of humor that will appeal to adults as well as children. Visually the Clay Kids world is gritty and grungy, and stands out from the clean 2D and 3D animation audiences are used to.


Two of the kids in the gang have their own hip-hop outfit, so original music is a natural background to the action and in some episodes drives the story.


52 episodes of 11 minutes each; stop motion animation.


Javier Tostado

Product Manager

Álvaro Suárez

Executive Producer

María Lara

Script Editor

Mike Booth

Outliles coordinator

Rubén Ontiveros

Outline writer

Diego San José,


Seth Kearsley, Paul Harrison, Kerry Torchia

Animation Director

David Caballer


Mike Booth, Sergio Lara

Music Producer

B. Blaya

Music Composer

Guillermo Tostado


Miguel Delicado