Episode 06

Flying Saucer

Story by Mike Booth
Teleplay by Seth Kearsley and Paul Harrison

Robbie and Naomi are abducted by inquisitive aliens while in the park, and the other kids have to figure out a way to rescue them from the hovering spacecraft

Episode 07

Thinking out Loud

Written by Diego San José

A bump on the head gives Flippy the power to hear everyone's thoughts, which is fun for a while and results in an unexpected relationship with Naomi. However, he soon realises that always hearing the truth can be uncomfortable.

Episode 08

Wizard School

Story by Rubén Ontiveros
Teleplay by Seth Kearsley and Paul Harrison

Robbie and Carol are kept back after school, and alone in the classroom, come across a couple of ancient spell books. An epic battle of magic begins.

Episode 09

Albert in Love

Story by Diego San José
Teleplay by Seth Kearsley and Paul Harrison

Little Albert is infatuated with Jessie and will try anything to win her love, even if it involves pretending to be something he's not. He eventually learns that he doesn't need to go to such lengths to impress her.

Episode 10

In your Dreams

Story by Rubén Ontiveros

Carol needs Naomi's signature on a petition to save the local forest, but Naomi hates trees. With Motor's help, Carol goes inside Naomi's dreams to manipulate her desires – or does she?