Episode 16

Flippy's Shoes

Written by Diego San José

Robbie and Flippy get into some serious rivalry over who's better at basketball and organise a showdown. Flippy's new trainers turn out to have powers that give him the edge; he looks certain to win, until it all goes wrong.

Episode 17

Heart Hacked

Story by Diego San José
Teleplay by Seth Kearsley and Paul Harrison

Robbie and Flippy have been messing with the affections of a nerd they met online, pretending to be a girl to make fun of him. But the nerd is a professional hacker, and the tables are turned...

Episode 18

Ms. Henderson Boyfriend

Story by Diego San José

Robbie and Flippy fall out over some fireworks Robbie has bought. With Robbie covered in white powder from an accidental explosion, and Flippy pretending he doesn't exist, Albert is convinced Robbie is a ghost that only he can see.

Episode 19

The Clone Wardrobe

Written by Rubén Ontiveros

Robbie's wardrobe is accidentally converted into a cloning chamber, and he is quick to take advantage of having an army of himself. The new Robbies, however, have different ideas about who should be in charge.

Episode 20


Story by Diego San José

Motor creates a new computer game whose addictiveness threatens the productivity of the entire world.