Episode 11

Operation Sneeze

Written by Diego San José

Carol's dad Frank has two problems – a lack of friends and a persistent sneeze that keeps getting worse. The kids think of a way to resolve both issues, but Frank's fear or doctors hinders them in their plans.

Episode 12


Written by Diego San José

Naomi starts a gossip magazine at school, revealing details of her friends' personal lives and embarrassing everyone. The others beg her to stop but she's having too much fun, so they have to resort to devious tactics.

Episode 13

Console Of The Future

Story by Rubén Ontiveros
Teleplay by Seth Kearsley and Paul Harrison

Robbie has his eye on an expensive console but when his birthday arrives he receives a cheap knock off instead. He's disappointed until he finds out that the controller he's been given has the power to control other people.

Episode 14

Trapped in Time

Story by Diego San José

Naomi keeps repeating the same day over and over again, until she learns that her selfish attitude is what has caused her to be stuck in the loop.

Episode 15


Written by Diego San José

Robbie and Flippy fall out over some fireworks Robbie has bought. With Robbie covered in white powder from an accidental explosion, and Flippy pretending he doesn't exist, Albert is convinced Robbie is a ghost that only he can see.