The Clay Kids exhibition breaks all records

The Clay Kids exhibition breaks all records

Great success of Stop Motion Don't Stop, where Clay Kids has participated. The exhibition dedicated to stop motion animation in the Valencian Museum of Ilustration and Modernity (MuVIM) has broken a new attendance record with 25.119 visitors recorded in eight weeks, from April 19 until June 9.

In this successful exhibition, directed by MacDiego, the museum has exhibited puppets, scenes and shooting sets of three Valencian artists producers international awarded: Javier Tostado (Clay Animation), Sam (Conflictivo Productions) y Pablo Llorens (Potens Plastianimation).

One of the news about this proposal was the instalation of three shooting sets of Clay Kids. In them has worked in real time, during the opening time of the MuVIM, in recording footage for the series Clay Kids.

To close down the exposure they have preview several episodes of Clay Kids successfully. Hundreds of children was enjoying with some Clay Kids episodes. Also, after the projections, the Clay Kids team has answered doubts and suggestions of the audience.