The “popular” girl. Her dad recently became rich and she's quickly taken to her new lifestyle. She is materialistic and arrogant and judges people for what they have or what she can get out of them. Although she looks like a little angel who is always willing to help her neighbour, there is something really machiavellian about her. She is always scheming to better her position. She is hooked on text messaging and rarely lifts her eyes away from her cell phone (which is always the latest model). Similar to Mindy Kaling's character in The Office, or a young (and not as rich) Paris Hilton. Naomi would much rather be hanging out with a crowd of older, popular kids who we never see; because she's excluded from their clique she makes do with considering herself the coolest kid in the group of misfits who make up our cast, and has to create excuses as to why she's never with her real friends. Closest to Carol, although she thinks she's superior to her one-time best friend. Robbie is a loser, Motor is weird, Albert like a toy dog. Nice to Jessie to her face, but behind her back will say she's crazy. With Flippy there's hatred that eventually turns to love.